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The Inspiration


SEA Dim Sum & Hot Pot pays homage to the incredible history and cuisine of Saigon's Cholon, a stronghold for the Chinese-Vietnamese community since the late 1770s. A bustling mix of multicultural old and new, Cholon's bi-lingual signs, ancient pagodas, and unique blend of culture gives it a distinctive feel and charm that even Vietnamese natives find quite novel. And, of course, the food – first brought over by the Hoa people, has evolved with time to mesh with the palates of the locals, naturally creating a distinctive cuisine that is the perfect combination of Chinese heritage and Vietnamese characteristics. Intrigued? No need to book your plane ticket; we're bringing a taste of Cholon to you.


Happiness comes in waves. A hotpot, dim sum, and seafood restaurant all in one,

SEA aims to refine and elevate Pan-Asian cuisine through nostalgic undertones, classical ambience, and elegant dining.

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The Dim Sum

SEA will offer the Little Saigon area its first new dim sum experience since 1990. Featuring classic dim sum offerings with a proven Kei Concepts flair, SEA's luxurious and glitzy ambiance will cement it as the area's go-to for upscale dim sum.

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The Hot Pot

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SEA will offer the Little Saigon area a first-of-its-kind innovative hot pot concept an unparalleled dining experience. From a menu with the highest quality ingredients to a dining experience catering to social gathering of all sizes. Enjoy the age-old hot pot tradition with an elevated ambiance, whether you're stopping by for an intimate dinner or celebrating a win with your entire team.

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